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11 June
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16 June
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LCTES Programs

Tuesday, June 12
8:00–9:00 Opening + Keynote: Gernot Heiser - Towards Trustworthy Embedded Systems
9:00–10:00 PLDI Keynote: Doug Lea - Parallelism from the middle out
10:00–10:45 Break
10:45–12:00 Session 1: Programming Language and Implementation (Chair: Jingling Xue)

Rethinking Java Call Stack Design for Tiny Embedded Devices
Faisal Aslam1, Ghufran Baig2, Mubashir Adnan Qureshi2, Zartash Afzal Uzmi2, Luminous Fennell3, Peter Thiemann3, Christian Schindelhauer3, Elmar Haussmann3
1Punjab University College of Information Technology, 2Lahore University of Management Sciences, 3University of Freiburg

Lightweight Generics in Embedded Systems through Static Analysis
Olivier Sallenave1, Roland Ducournau2
1Cortus S.A., 2Université Montpellier

Efficiently Parallelizing Instruction Set Simulation of Embedded Multi-Core Processors Using Region-based Just-in-Time Dynamic Binary Translation
Stephen Kyle, Igor Böhm, Björn Franke, Hugh Leather, Nigel Topham
University of Edinburgh

12:00–13:15 Lunch
13:15–14:30 Session 2: Optimization for Real-Time and Safety-Critical Systems (Chair: Nicolas Halbwachs)

WCET-aware Re-scheduling Register Allocation for Real-time Embedded Systems with Clustered VLIW Architecture
Yazhi Huang, Mengying Zhao, Chun Jason Xue
City University of Hong Kong

WCET-Aware Data Selection and Allocation for Scratchpad Memory
Qing Wan, Hui Wu, Jingling Xue
University of New South Wales

A Modular Memory Optimization for Synchronous Data-Flow Languages
Léonard Gérard, Adrien Guatto, Cédric Pasteur, Marc Pouzet
Ecole normale supérieure Paris

14:30–15:00 Break
15:00–16:15 Work-in-Progress Session (Chair: Jan Reineke)
16:20–17:35 LCTES Special Session: Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation (Chair: Sebastian Fischmeister)

Creating Portable, Repeatable, Realistic Benchmarks for Embedded Systems and the Challenges Thereof
Markus Levy1, Shay Gal-On2
1EEMBC President, 2EEMBC Director of Technology

R3 – Repeatability, Reproducibility and Rigor
Jan Vitek1, Tomas Kalibera2
1Purdue University, 2University of Kent

How did this get published? Pitfalls in experimental evaluation of computing systems
Jose Nelson Amaral
University of Alberta

Wednesday, June 13
8:45–9:45 Keynote: Amer Diwan - Should you trust your experimental results?
9:45–10:05 Business Meeting
10:05–10:45 Break
10:45–12:00 Session 3: Application Mapping for Multi-Cores (Chair: Chun Jason Xue)

Mapping a Data-Flow Programming Model onto Heterogeneous Platforms
Alina Sbirlea1, Yi Zou2, Zoran Budimlic1, Jason Cong2, Vivek Sarkar1
1Rice University, 2University of California, Los Angeles

FORMLESS: Scalable Utilization of Embedded Manycores in Streaming Applications
Matin Hashemi1, Mohammad H. Foroozannejad2, Christoph Etzel3, Soheil Ghiasi2
1Sharif University of Technology, 2University of California, Davis, 3University of Augsburg

Profile-Guided Deployment of Stream Programs on Multicores
S. M. Farhad1, Yousun Ko2, Bernd Burgstaller2, Bernhard Scholz1
1University of Sydney, 2Yonsei University

12:00–13:15 Lunch
13:15–14:30 Session 4: Profiling-Based Techniques and Optimization (Chair: Florence Maraninchi)

Improving Dynamic Prediction Accuracy Through Multi-level Phase Analysis
Zhenman Fang1, Jiaxin Li1, Weihua Zhang1, Yi Li1, Haibo Chen2, Binyu Zang1
1Fudan University, 2Shanghai Jiaotong University

Efficient Soft Error Protection for Commodity Embedded Microprocessors using Profile Information
Daya Shanker Khudia, Griffin Wright, Scott Mahlke
University of Michigan

Compiler-Assisted Preferred Caching for Embedded Systems with STT-RAM based Hybrid Cache
Qingan Li1, Mengying Zhao1, Chun Jason Xue1, Yanxiang He2
1City University of Hong Kong, 2Wuhan University

14:30–15:00 Break
15:00–16:15 Session 5: Design Space Exploration and Program Validation (Chair: Marc Pouzet)

"Smart" Design Space Sampling to Predict Pareto-Optimal Solutions
Marcela Zuluaga1, Andreas Krause1, Peter Milder2, Markus Püschel1
1ETH Zurich, 2Carnegie Mellon University

An Operational Semantics for Simulink's Simulation Engine
Olivier Bouissou1, Alexandre Chapoutot2
1Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, 2ENSTA ParisTech

Symbolic Consistency Checking of OpenMP Parallel Programs
Fang Yu1, Shun-Ching Yang2, Farn Wang2, Guan-Cheng Chen2, Che-Chang Chan2
1National Chengchi University, 2National Taiwan University

16:30–17:30 Keynote: Nicolas Halbwachs - Synchronous languages and their compilation into sequential and non-sequential code
17:30–17:35 Closing